Almost there!

We’ve been on Ravencrest for a couple of weeks and progress on the roster has been going well, lots of interest, although we’re just making sure we take players that share the same goals and ideas that the majority of the raid team hold. Soon we will have the roster finalised for Antorus. We’re just missing a handful of players (mainly Healers, it’s a tough job to find good ones at that) so we can begin doing a few bits as a guild before Antorus hits.

Plugins on the Website are still being made. The Roster plugin has been completed, thx to Teelor – this can be viewed by clicking Roster on the main menu. We’re looking to implement an attendance tracker where you can see the number of raids attended throughout the month. If all goes to plan, we’re looking to include averages, graphs and other percentages to help us keep track of your attendance, along with yourselves having the ability to do so.

Shouldn’t be long now until we find those Healers! plz join 🙂

New thx website has launched!

Since we’ve changed guild name and realm, what better time to create a new website!

The website is still in a primitive phase, give us time to roll out the aesthetic changes and core functions that we’re looking into adding.

If you’re interested in applying, please click the Apply button on the Menu Bar and follow the Application Guideline topic to begin your application. If a written application is not your thing, you’re more than welcome to chat to us on Discord, just poke one of us on Discord or Bnet to schedule this. (You may find our Discord & Btag information in the General Information thread on our Forums)