Conservative High Party defeated, 3/11M! Theresa May, Michael Gove & Boris Johnson couldn’t stop us with their minesweeper mini-games (that we seem to suck at) and their attempt to censor the internet by cutting off De’s internet every 30 seconds into a pull.

Bonus pic of Asandir, Pirinach and Spekle doing something on Sunday’s HC run – whatever it is, I want to get involved.

2/11M – we’re finally classed as mythic boiss rawrr ^=^

Well, after a slower start to the year than expected, we finally got Mythic underway with some quick and easy kills on Garothi & Fel Hounds – made some decent progress on High Command, so let’s hope it dies soon! We’re still looking for some more DPS to join the Guild, so if you do know any, throw them our way plz! Thanks to those who have been patient with us, we got to Mythic eventually!

No kill shots unfortunately as we forgot! but we managed to sneak Phola onto the elevator and Teelor gave us his best rawr ~^.^==

On a closing note to sum up tonights raid ;D

~owo~ Hewwo dis ish teh FBI, Furry Bulge Inspection agency, coming to awwest u for poswession of an iwwegally big bulgie uwu. Now I will inspwect u. sniffs and notices ur bulge owo wats dis squeezie ur bulgie uwu ish sho juicy and big owo =^.^=



Well, not yet, but soon!

For our final raid of 2017, people were getting in the spirit of Christmas (by that I mean, forcefully being told to put Christmas attire on) even Phola’s pet tried getting in on the action!

Seeing as it was the last raid of 2017, we decided to actually take a screenshot of SOME members from <thx> – see you all back in the New Year where the raiding will commence and hopefully, Mythic will too!

Merry Christmas! (Coven did die & Spekle showed up eventually)