5/11 M – we are taking back control of are borders

This is britain, dont like it you know where the door is – if being british and proud is a hate crime then lock me up and throw away the key because im fucking guilty as charged  🇬🇧 We have already thrown spekle out of the country back to where he belongs, unless he adopts a brexit style haircut and drinks a pack of carling in the morning, he wont be alowed back in – SPEAK BRITISH!!!!!!!

4/11 M – we just needed the special forces!


We finally killed the Conservative High Party again after bashing our heads against it for far, far too long. Shortly after that, with after hiring a Special Forces squad and Natiblad telling us to go 3 tank, we managed to have some awesome attempts on Portal Keeper Hasabel and actually kill her!

We also raided 21 man really, we always will until Spekle is back here, until then, he’s in our minds ready to receive his cummies

(If you look closely you’ll see the three Special Forces members have their hats on ;D)

Glory of the Crash Bandicoot Raider!

This weekend we decided to do the hardest content this game had to offer (apart from Random Battlegrounds) and completed Glory of the Argus Raider – we even made a kill video of the Argus achievement! completed with random cat noises at the end of the video, summing up what our raiders actually are, they’re cats.

Still need more players! DPS and Healers, please join! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!